RingMaster Studio ™

EBS Life Cycle Automation Suite
RingMaster Studio™ is an integrated suite of EBS Life Cycle Automation modules for Patch management, Customization management, Integrations, Testing, Upgrade and Application management.

What We Deliver

Our services leverage industry-best, proven qualitative and quantitative approaches like TMMI/TPI to alleviate your current challenges and scale up your organization’s QE maturity and effectiveness.

Patch Management

Patch Management

Automates deployment of Oracle-delivered application and Tech stack patches.




Customization Management

Customization Management

Discovers customizations and automates their deployment and promotion across the environments.

Approval Management

Approval Management

Manages and controls changes of patches or customizations thus ensuring compliance.

Test Cycle Management

Test Cycle Management

Automates the functional testing process right from identifying test cases based on impact analysis, their execution and test result publication.

Integrations Management

Integrations Management

Automates middleware, provisioning of environments, deployment of composites and ensures security through code quality.

Application Management

Application Management

Proactively re-mediates application issues using AI technology.

RingMaster Studio™ Benefits

  • Reduces SLA violation risk with automation of monitoring
  • Avoids oversight in monitoring business transactions
  • Track of changes helps in ensuring compliance
  • Avoids human errors in change management

Application Management Strategy


  • Avoids human errors in patch application and promotion
  • Aids in avoiding human oversight in the patch impact analysis
  • Keeps track off patched applied required for compliance


  • Avoids human errors while deploying and promoting
  • Tracks all deployment changes to ensure compliance
  • Avoids risk of spilling downtime windows with automation


  • Addresses risk of oversight in impact analysis of customizations and business flows
  • Avoids risk of missing activities through patch automation
  • Eliminates risk of schedule and effort overruns due to improper impact analysis


  • Ensures there is no human oversight in test execution
  • Ensures 100% test result capture
  • Avoids risk of human errors in building test cases


  • Addresses risks with code quality
  • Addresses human error risks in environment builds
  • Eliminates wrong deployments and incorrect promotion with automation


  • Aids in reducing availability SLA compliance risk and user experience with automated fix and recommender system
  • Addresses human delay factors in analyzing and troubleshooting issues
  • Avoids human oversight of missing alerts in traditional monitoring model

Success Stories

We work with our customers to find innovative solutions to complex business challenges. Take a look at our featured stories to see how we’ve co-created solutions with our customers.


This leading transportation company increased patch adoption while reducing effort with RingMaster APM.View Case Study

Fuel & Logistics

This downstream fuel products company improves productivity by optimizing their testing efforts.View Case Study

What our clients say

We are pleased to have many trusted partners.

“With APM, we reduced the time we spend to discover changes by over 80%. As a result, we noticed an increase in quality and reduction in the planned downtime.”
Doug HahnEnterprise Technology Officer

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